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The Shootist (1976)

The Shootist (1976)

The Regal Cinema’s Wild West Wednesday series presents The Shootist.

The Oscar winning film, The Shootist stars John Wayne alongside Lauren Bacall. J.B. Books (John Wayne) is an aging gunfighter diagnosed with cancer who comes to Nevada at the turn of the 20th century.

Renting a room from the widowed Bond Rogers (Lauren Bacall) and her son Gillom (Ron Howard), Books is confronted by several people of questionable motives. Not wanting to die a quiet, painful death, Books devises a plan to go out with a bang.

“John Wayne’s last movie is a dignified, thoughtful Western” – Empire ★★★★

“The Shootist is a fitting memorial to a great star – and leaves his image indelibly fixed on our imagination.” Telegraph

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