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The Regal Cinema is nearly open!…

We will be having a open weekend Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July 2017.  Over this weekend we plan to show Casablanca six times, so we hope all members will be able to get tickets if they wish to attend.  We will also have the cinema open from 10am on the Saturday 1st July for members of the public who have not yet joined, but are interested in becoming members, so that they can have a look around the cinema.

We are using this weekend to trial our software, ticketing system, bar sales etc.  Many thanks to all our volunteers helping out over the weekend.  Please be patient with them as it will be their first time ‘on duty’!

We aim to start a programme of films in August 2017 and each programming period is likely to be 8 weeks or 2 calendar months.  Tickets will become available approximately one month before the programming period starts.  E.g. the first programming period will be for August and September.  Tickets will go on sale early July.  This is fairly standard within the cinema and film industry.  All FRCC members will be notified at the same time, via an e-newsletter, about programming periods and when tickets will go on sale.

We have taken in account the feedback about films on our membership application forms and we will be alternating weekends between classics and modern/new releases.  We will also be having a family screening every Saturday at 10:00am.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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