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Riders Of Justice (2021)

Riders Of Justice (2021)

Riders of Justice is a Danish thriller, sprinkled with dark humour throughout, starring Mads Mikkelsen (who recently starred in Another Round).

The film follows recently-deployed Markus (Mads Mikkelsen), who is forced to return home to care for his teenage daughter after his wife is killed in a tragic train accident.

But when a survivor of the wrecked train surfaces claiming foul play, Markus begins to suspect his wife was murdered and embarks on a revenge-fueled mission to find those responsible.

This film is in Danish and will be shown with English subtitles.

“Mads Mikkelsen is fearsome” The Times ★★★★

“Director Anders Thomas Jensen has total control of the reins and Mikkelsen judges each scene perfectly” The Sun ★★★★★

“A very violent, very funny and oddly life-affirming film” The Guardian ★★★★

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