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Return to Seoul (2023)

Return to Seoul (2023)

Freddie was adopted when she was very young and brought to France from the country of her birth, South Korea. She is magnetic, spirited; never in one place, or with one person, for long enough to get attached. At 25 years old, she makes an impulsive decision to visit Seoul for the first time since her adoption, in an attempt to reconnect with her biological parents and the culture she had to leave behind.

Featuring a revelatory performance from newcomer Park Ji-Min, this bittersweet journey of self-discovery sees Freddie travel from South Korea’s vibrant capital to its tranquil port cities, in search of a better understanding of her own identity.

In French, English and Korean with English subtitles.

“mesmeric, daring drama”
The Independent ★★★★★

“emotional and absorbing”
The Guardian ★★★★

“staggering debut performance”
Empire Magazine

“a quiet gem”
TimeOut Magazine ★★★★

19th June 2024
7:00 pm
Main Screen
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