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Luzzu (2022)

Luzzu (2022)

The Regal Cinema’s World Cinema series presents Luzzu.

Luzzu is an remarkable film about a hardworking Maltese fisherman. The film won a Sundance Jury Prize for its leading actor, Jesmark Scicluna, who is actually a real-life Maltese fisherman himself.

Jesmark is faced with an agonizing choice. He can repair his leaky luzzu – a traditional, multicolored wooden fishing boat – in the hopes of eking out a meagre living at sea for his wife and newborn son, just as his father and grandfather did before him. Or he can decommission it in exchange for an EU payout and cast his lot with a sinister black-market operation that is decimating the Mediterranean fish population and the livelihoods of the local families who depend on it.

This film will be shown in Maltese with English subtitles.


“Terrifically atmospheric, almost documentary-like film”

The Arts Desk ★★★★

“Beautifully observed study of fishers trying to stay afloat”

The Guardian ★★★★

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