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In the Heights (2021)

In the Heights (2021)

In The Heights features as part of our FEEL GOOD FILM FESTIVAL: Friday 8th – Sunday 17th October 2021

From Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator Hamilton, comes In The Heights; a glorious film adaptation of the on-stage musical.

Set over three eventful days, and with the largely Dominican neighbourhood on the cusp of gentrification, Usnavi and a handful of long-time residents grapple with questions of identity, ambition and how communities thrive and fade away.

In the Heights is a fantastically entertaining musical, full of memorable tunes, vivid and likeable characters, and inventive storytelling. And, thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda and director Jon M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians), the transition to the big screen has given In the Heights the real-world backdrop it deserves, creating a sensational visual experience to match the musical one.

“Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical is brought to dizzyingly soulful life” The Independent ★★★★★

“This adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2005 stage musical bursts on to the screen like a confetti cannon” The Guardian ★★★★

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