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I Am Urban (2023)

I Am Urban (2023) with Live Producer Q&A

I am Urban (2023) with Live Producer Q&A

Eleven-year-old Urban Grimshaw doesn’t go to school, he doesn’t read, write, or follow rules. He’s always in trouble with the police, but neither they nor the local kids’ home can keep him down. It’s only when Chop, a straight-talking, disillusioned ex-social worker, enters Urban’s life that things finally begin to change.

Sometimes you can’t just sit back and watch anymore; sometimes, like it or not, no matter the consequences, you have to do what you can to help. The question is who is helping who?

Based on Bernard Hare’s memoir “Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew”, this is a poignant and heartfelt Film with a bold social message. The Film’s Producer, Matthew Mitchell, will kindly be joining us for a very special live Q&A after the screening to answer your questions and discuss the challenges he faced developing the film and the nine years it took to release.

(This film des not have an official BBFC classification but its rating is described as a 15 certificate. We shall therefore be treating it as a 15 for the purposes of ticket purchase and admission).

“Urban and The Shed Crew stands as it is with unapologetic sincerity. Like life, it has consequences we don’t want, yet it leaves a window open for the possibilities we all hope for”

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