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Goodbye Mr. Chips – An Opera by Gordon Getty

Goodbye, Mr Chips - An Opera by Gordon Getty

Gordon Getty’s new opera, reimagined for film, is based on the popular 1934 novella Goodbye, Mr. Chips and other stories by James Hilton.
Goodbye, Mr. Chips tells the story of a teacher at Brookfield, an all-boys English boarding school to which “Chips” dedicates most of his adult life. The film chronicles Chips’ story of love, loss and learning over his decades-long tenure at Brookfield.

Getty’s score is characteristically rich, layered and long-arced, with especially exquisite string voicings, vivid base lines, and a number of lovely and affecting motivic recurrences.

This accessible Opera does not only delight fans of the genre, but will also intrigue those new to melodic theatre.

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