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A brief update on the Government’s new regulations; we do not need to change our current operations

We can confirm that our current operations have not been impacted by the latest Government announcement regarding the 10pm ‘curfew’, table service and face coverings in indoor venues.
Although some of the new regulations do apply to cinemas we were already operating in a way that makes us compliant with these new rules.
Full clarification can be found below if you would like to know more.
  • Cinemas are allowed to remain open past 10pm so long as the screening begins before the 10pm cutoff point (our latest start time is typically 8.45pm!)
  • Although cinemas have been told they cannot sell food or drinks past 10pm we are already shutting the bar when a screening begins meaning our bar is always closed by 8.45pm
  • The table service rule does not apply to cinemas if guests are buying drinks or snacks to take straight into the auditorium
  • Although it was not compulsory, our staff and volunteers have been wearing face coverings (even if they’re behind a screen) since we opened for Private Hires earlier this month.
  • Despite the word ‘masks’ being used in the Government announcement this has been clarified to mean ‘face masks’ which, for the time being, includes visors.
  • Customers were already required to wear face coverings at all times in all areas of the cinema. Face coverings can only be removed to eat or drink in the auditorium.
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