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Upcoming changes to our operations and capacity levels in July

On Monday this week, we had confirmation that the Government is ending most of the current COVID-19-related restrictions which have affected businesses up and down the country. We’ve reviewed the changes and have decided our best approach will be to take a few cautious steps in our process of getting ‘back to normal’ at The Regal.

Below is a brief overview of the changes. You can also read in depth about the upcoming changes in this post.

  • Masks will be encouraged but not mandatory from 19th July
  • We will be removing our one-way-system and Perspex screens from the bar from 26th July
  • Capacity in the auditorium will increase a little in the week of 26th July
  • From the week of 2nd August our screenings will be returning to full capacity
  • We will continue with the increased ventaliation in the auditorium
  • We will also be continuing with our enhanced cleaning regime by performing a full “touch points” clean between each screening

If you would like to read about our plans in more depth please continue reading… 

19th July onwards – staying (almost) the same
Although restrictions will officially be lifted from 19th July onwards, we are not going to increase the capacity of any screenings that we have already sold tickets for. We feel it is right to honour the conditions under which tickets were originally booked. This means that our one-way-system will stay in place for the week of the 19th July, along with the Perspex screens on the bar.With this said, the wearing of masks and registering under the NHS Track & Trace system will no longer be mandatory, but we would encourage all visitors to continue to wear masks whilst seated in the auditorium when not eating or drinking. We will also continue to make the Track and Trace QR code accessible if you would like to record your visit via the NHS App.

Changes from 26th July – seating capacity increasing and removal of the one-way-system
We’re looking forward to being able to operate screenings at a higher seating capacity which will make the club much more financially secure and return us to some sense of normality after a period of running at 50% (mandated by the Government as part of the COVID restrictions).

From 26th July, our screenings will not have a capacity limit – although, at least to begin with, the one-seat-between-each-booking rule will still be in place. Just to complicate matters a little more (because our booking system is also having to change to accommodate the new rules!), initially the website will only allow 15 seats to be sold.

However from Tuesday 20th July, more seats will open up for Minari Nomadland. Bookings for subsequent screenings beyond this transition period should be straightforward. As ever, if you experience any challenges trying to book tickets, do drop us an email to and we’ll do our best to help you!

We’re also removing the one-way-system from 26th July which means that entrance to The Regal will be via our main front doors rather than the side door into the bar. Talking of the bar, from the same date, we will be returning the familiar bar stools and furniture allowing you to buy pre-film drinks (and sit in the bar area if you so wish) ahead of the screening. Our second toilet cubicle will also be re-opening.

The week beginning 2nd August will mark the first of our full capacity screenings. It has been a really long time coming, and we are incredibly grateful for your support and understanding over the past 16 months. We hope that we can now look forward to a slightly rosier future for the club and all of our members – and we will, of course, be watching developments closely as England moves to Step 4 of the Government’s roadmap.

We are hoping that everyone will continue to be be cautious as cases of COVID-19 remain relatively high, and we will do our best to manage risks by maintaining our enhanced ventilation and ‘touch-point’ hygiene regime: possibly the most important COVID risk reduction factor is good ventilation in indoor spaces so we are operating our air replacement system at a higher rate than normal levels. Although screenings might sometimes feel a little cooler than normal with this extra airflow, we are confident that watching a film at the Regal is probably safer than most other indoor venues. If you have a question or a concern about any aspect of our operations, please do get in touch.

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