A teenage girl struggles to survive and to find her younger sister during the July 2011 terrorist mass murder at a political summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utøya.

Utøya - July 22 (2018)

The Regal’s Foreign Film series presents the Norwegian film Utøya – July 22.

On 22nd July 2011 more than 500 youths at a political summer camp on an island outside Oslo were attacked by an armed, right-wing extremist. Earlier that day he had bombed a Government building in Oslo before making his way to Utøya island.

In this first fictional movie about the attack we get to know Kaja (18) and her friends. It all starts when the youngsters, shocked by the bombing in Oslo, are reassuring their relatives that they are far away from the incident. Suddenly, the safe atmosphere is shattered when shots are heard. The story follows Kaja as she tries to survive – minute by minute. Incredibly, the film was shot in one single take, in real time.

Utøya-July 22 was written and created in close dialogue with several survivors, but out of respect for the victims and their relatives the film’s characters and individual experiences are fictitious.

“A visceral, brutal, yet heartfelt and earnest movie” – The Guardian ★★★★

“Deftly impactful” – The BFI

“Brutally effective” – The Times ★★★★

This film is in Norwegian with English subtitles.