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The Road Dance (2022)

The Road Dance (2022)

Shot entirely on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, The Road Dance is a British period drama set in the Outer Hebrides in the years surrounding World War 1.

Inspired by true events, the film follows Kirsty Mcleod, a young woman who comes from a small island community, but dreams of seeing the world and living a life away from the harsh land and strict religion of her island home.

Isolated by the shore, her life takes a dramatic change when a terrible tragedy befalls her.


“Flawless cast… emotional and evocative”

Everything Theatre ★★★★

“A performance that could elevate Hermione Corfield to stardom”

Hey U Guys ★★★★

“An epic, old-fashioned weepy about the storms of love”

Saga Magazine ★★★★

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