Lancaster Skies (2019)

Part of our FILM FESTIVAL OF FLIGHT: Friday 20th – Sunday 29th September 2019.

Lancaster Skies is a modern war film from earlier this year made on an exceptionally low budget of only £80,000 with a total of just 10 cast members.

1943: Angry and grief-stricken, Flight Lieutenant Douglas Miller (Jeffrey Mundell) who survived The Battle of Britain is transferred to Bomber Command where he determined to wage war in the skies over Germany.

On arrival Douglas is faced with the unenviable task of taking the place of the crew’s experienced crew’s cherished and respected Skipper who was killed in action just days before.

Struggling to bond with his new crew Douglas must find a way to gain their trust, and overcome his inner demons, in order to become the leader they so desperately need.

“It is welcome that Lancaster Skies is less about bombers swooping over Berlin and the crew returning as heroes and more about how its squadron copes with loss” – Every Film

“Lancaster Skies is a World War II tale that is strongly character driven, with high production values, which set this film at a stratospheric height” – Road Rash ★★★★★