Good Posture (2019)

Lilian is a young woman who finds herself staying at the handsome home of a family friend: the legendary, reclusive novelist Julia Price (Emily Mortimer), the author of a cult classic “Good Posture”.

When a mortified Lilian bumps into her ex boyfriend Nate with a new partner she makes up the first lie that comes into her head – that she is making a documentary about the rather peculiar author she is cohabiting with: Julia Price. Once the words are out of her mouth Lilian realises she actually has to go through with her lie.

Good Posture is actress Dolly Well’s Directorial Debut, Wells also wrote the screenplay. The film stars Grace Van Patten and Emily Mortimer.

“It’s a crafty comedy, this: a remarkable debut” Radio Times ★★★★

“Wells’s bracingly spiky writing vividly draws both the characters and the connections between them” The Observer ★★★★