C'est la Vie! (2017)

The Regal’s Foreign Film series presents the French film C’est la Vie!.

A hectic wedding party held in an 17th century French palace comes together with the help of the behind-the-scenes staff.

This charming French comedy follows the disgruntled Max (Jean-Pierre Bacri); the chief of hospitality as he works his final wedding event.

Max is just trying to get through the night. As the evening progresses everything that can go wrong, does. Max must deal with nightmare employees, a disastrous singer and a whole host of other challenges – to humorous effect.

C’est la Vie! is directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano who directed the popular French film ‘The Intouchables’ (also known in the UK as ‘Untouchable).

“A cluttered comedy that works like a charm” – Irish Times ★★★★

“A likeable, witty and occasionally downright poignant and insightful little gem” – Stuff ★★★★

This film is in French with English subtitles.