Bait (2019)

Director Mark Jenkin’s Bait is a unique film in modern times, having been filmed on a vintage hand-cranked Bolex camera, using 16mm monochrome film that Jenkin hand-processed himself.

Bait tells the story of Martin, a Cornish fisherman without a boat after his brother Steven re-purposed it as a tourist tripper.

With their childhood home now a get-away for London money, Martin is displaced to the estate above the harbor.

Bait won a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer. It was also nominated for Outstanding British Film of the Year.

“It’s a genuine modern masterpiece, which establishes Jenkin as one of the most arresting and intriguing British film-makers of his generation” The Guardian ★★★★★

“A timely social portrait and a timeless work of art” EMPIRE ★★★★★

22nd May 2021
7:00 pm
Main Screen