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The Regal Cinema in Fordingbridge first opened in 1933.  It was built in a classic Art Deco style, and had 290 seats.  It thrived for many years, but social changes led to its closure in 1965.  Since then it operated as a pottery, but that business also closed in 2012.

In 2016 it was purchased by Corintech, a Fordingbridge based electronics company, and part of the building has been converted into apartments for their staff.  The deluxe 30 seater cinema opened in the Summer of 2017 and is managed by the Fordingbridge Regal Cinema Club (FRCC).

To learn more about the FRCC and becoming a member click here.

The Fordingbridge Regal Cinema Club is a not-for-profit community organisation with members from the local area.  It manages the Regal Cinema and ensures that the community benefits from this important heritage building and valuable community resource.

To effectively manage the Regal Cinema, tickets are first released to our full annual members who get priority booking and discounted tickets as part of their membership package.  We then release the remaining tickets, which include a day membership, which can be purchased by members of the public.  Tickets can be purchased online via this website, at the cinema itself or at the Fordingbridge Bookshop.  Annual membership is available to anyone aged 16 years or older.

The FRCC has three permanent Club committee positions;

Club Chairman, Club Treasurer and Club Secretary.

There are also other positions that help with programming, managing volunteer staff and other specific tasks.

If you would like to contact a member of the committee please email us.

FRCC membership benefits include:

Priority booking
Cheaper tickets
20% discount for private hire
Discounts at associate local restaurants, pubs, shops and businesses
Social events

To learn more about becoming a member please click here.

The Regal Cinema would like to thank the Fordingbridge Museum for providing us with some historical information about the site and also some personal accounts of the museum and what it meant to local people in the 1930’s – 1960’s.  We very much hope that The Regal Cinema will once again be an important asset to the town and surrounding area.

Unfortunately we have been unable to find any photos of The Regal during its heyday as a cinema.   If you have any old photographs of the cinema from the 30’s, 40’s 50’s or 60’s please email us as we’d love to hear from you.

The Regal Cinema Gold Corporate Members

The Regal Cinema Silver Corporate Members

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